Hello, I am Mubashir Hassan

Mubashir Hassan – Pakistani young Entrepreneur, Story Teller, Digital Marketer & Risk Taker and Director of Innovation Technology & College | Founder & CEO of Mystory.pk | Co-Founder & CEO of Posale Software Solution

Residence:          Pakistan

Freelance:           Available

Email:                  [email protected]

My journey to success started with my pure intentions and self-motivation to achieve something big which made me proud as a person

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Success is subjective. It’s always defined by the society that makes up the rule, but to me, success is when one has time for themselves, friends, and family and is capable of giving back to society.

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Mubashir Hassan
Posted by Mubashir Hassan
December 17, 2021
Mubashir Hassan
Posted by Mubashir Hassan
October 4, 2021

Mubashir Hassan Story founder of MyStory.pk & Posale.pk

Mubashir Hassan – Director of Innovation...

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