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Mubashir Hassan – Director of Innovation Technology & College | Founder & CEO of Mystory [dot] pk | Co-Founder & CEO of Posale Software Solution

Mubashir Hassan 25-year Pakistani young Entrepreneur, Story Teller, Digital Marketer & Risk Taker.

“My journey to success started with my pure intentions and self-motivation to achieve something big which made me proud as a person.”

I came from a middle-class family that had ups and downs. I started my schooling in a Government School but I always had one thing pinching my heart whatever I study at my government school it’s not going to help me in the future but my sister helped me in my education.

My life propelled and stroked to achieve something huge in life.

“I did not build my business for money, earning money was never my priority for starting a business. The basic desire was self-achievement and job creation for society. If you have the right intentions towards a certain thing and you start focusing on it you ultimately achieve it.”

Describing myself as hardworking, honest, and someone who feels happy while giving, I am shared my greatest strength as someone who tries to be a good human being. I’m also extremely passionate about Success. My weakness: can’t hide my expressions.

The three people who’ve had the greatest influence on my life first is my father- “I’ve never seen a man humbler and a hard worker”- secondly, my sister staying motivating me she is my also inspiration woman”

With a demanding career and position, I mention some of the characteristics one should possess if they were to follow my steps: “Be honest, be ethical, be humble, don’t run after money, your desire should not be monetary, achieve your goal, money will follow you. Also, trust your team, and give a chance to young people, their energy, motivation, and commitment are unmatchable. Finally, be customer-centric, meet your customers regardless of how busy you are it will tell you the real face of your company.”

I never looked back and moved forward in life.”

I impart some words of wisdom.

“Do well and expect returns from Allah only”

“The purpose of celebration shouldn’t become a trend or competition between each other, but rather the purpose of celebration should be one of happiness.” — Mubashir

“I would say I am passionate about valuing the little joys in life and being positive. It could be called a passion for optimism, but it’s mainly just not letting the mistakes define your day. Positivity is contagious and it begins with a person choosing to look at the good side and drop the Ls. I believe being positive has a trickle-down effect on the people around me which leads to many jokes and smiles. There is a lot of chaos going on around us constantly and I feel like it’s important to take a second and appreciate the small things that make us happy, like friends.”

However, the challenge that I face today is that of trust deficit, was I trying to make available the latest technology at fraction of the cost which many can’t believe is possible? “This can only be dealt with if I develop a sense of unity and faith,”

“What I have learned is that there is always a first time and that is part of active learning which is good. I sometimes think back and can’t believe how much I have learned, there was a time when I didn’t think I can even do most of the things that I have done. I made mistakes but grew up, now I feel more confident. I would certainly do it all over again.”

“It’s not something I do for money, obviously it’s a motivating factor but not a driving force. My driving force is seeing the smile on my client’s face. It is the love and delight I get at the end of a project. It is the feeling I have after sharing one’s happiness and moment. I believe one must put one’s heart, mind, and soul even into the smallest acts and that’s what leads to success.”

“Many think that this line of work isn’t right; spending too much on birthdays shouldn’t be encouraged but in my opinion, there is so much depression in society, so if people find small reasons to cheer, I don’t find the harm in celebrating. The purpose of celebration shouldn’t be trend or competition instead it should be happiness.

“In my childhood, I don’t remember any of my toys that were intact because nearly all of them were taken apart by me just so I could see what was inside them. I enjoyed playing with the motors which drove these toy cars. My mother and my father would support me and bring me more such toys.”

the earliest spark of innovation and creativity that resided in me.

When I was a child, my friend had told me of Bill Gates, and how Gates had built a house where the doors opened automatically and the lights would turn on when one walked in the room, and that you were presented with an electronic pin to clip to your clothes.

“It is in my nature that I look for positivity in all things and I believe that when you think positive thoughts positive things will happen in life.”

“Growing up I always dreamed of achieving something extraordinary in life. I have always been a keen learner, a silent observer, and a persistent struggler throughout my life. I always believed in smart working strategies to achieve a goal. I feel a great attraction for unique and challenging tasks and that attraction and appeal drives me to accomplish my short-term goals.”

My passion and interest in technology have groomed me to another level. My thirst for knowledge to be proficient in my skills and passion is making me more curious about technology day by day.

“There is simply no substitute for hard work when it comes to success. I see myself and my company as technology in near future and it will be Insha-Allah.”

“You learn so much and feel like you want to share it with your followers and the journey of growing in this field has taught me so much and I am thoroughly grateful for everything.”

Most treasured material possession:

“Of course my phone! I use it for my work and keeps me connected to the world. Nowadays, a mobile phone is so much more than just a simple communication device.”

“I still feel there’s a long way to go. I still feel that I have so much more to do in life and I always believe that one should keep learning and exploring and traveling although my current field has little to do with what I studied in college, I still owe a lot of it to my upbringing and experiences I’ve had. Sometimes you learn more outside the classes.

“Success is subjective. It’s always defined by the society that makes up the rule, but to me, success is when one has time for themselves, friends, and family and is capable of giving back to society.”

“My dreams! I follow my dreams and always work hard to achieve them. They are my guidelines for life and my sole motivation to fulfill my dreams.

“Failure to me is when you do not try hard enough to live your dreams. When you keep whining and complaining about hurdles, take a step and see how it goes to get there you have to give life to your fantastic ideas.”

“I always preferred to grow as a human and as a professional. It doesn’t matter what you do, but what matters is how you do it.”

‘Success’ really is a journey and not a destination. Success is about what it means to be someone who tries hard, dedicates time and talent to reach a goal, and achieves a dream. However, the journey of success for me is not a yellow brick road paved with gold but rather an effort to find satisfaction and fulfillment in life. My journey started when I met like-minded people who wanted to help and serve fellow humans and we have a long way to go.

Work hard, and love yourself, because others may leave you, but what you would have done for yourself would be incredibly enabling you to survive. I don’t regret those restless nights as I would endure abuse because of my face. I walk with my chin up, with pride, because I had learned to love myself.”

“One thing I strongly believe is to respect your parents to the utmost. Make your parents your best friends. Never break their trust. Also, love your friends and the people around you, as they will become a great source of learning for you.

“Behind every strong persona, there is a fragile self. Never bend your head, always look up high…see the world straight in the eye.” – unknown

“Life is a combination of surprises and shocks. The one who sails through both makes it to shore.

You are what you think. The most important factor is given the least amount of attention in society. It is our mental health & way of thinking that determines our life worth.

“My life changed when I changed my perspective, the lens of positivity and faith in Allah became a light at the end of the tunnel.”

“It is not the end perhaps just the start. They say Life is 10% of what happens to you & 90% of how you react to it. It is true”

“My message to the readers: Let the beauty of what you love to be what you do.”

“My message is for the entrepreneurs like me: follow your heart and do something which you are passionate about as it’s like fuel. Think big for you never know it happens in an instant. Life is very unpredictable which I learn from my journey to this destination. Just needs a leap of faith.”



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