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Mubashir Hassan is an inspiring young entrepreneur who has achieved great tech industry success. Through his innovative strategies and hard work, he has founded two incredible businesses –, a website that helps people tell their stories, and, an E-commerce platform. His story is a great inspiration for all aspiring entrepreneurs hoping to succeed in their own endeavours.

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Mubashir Hassan – Founder of and

I remember growing up in a middle-class family with all its ups and downs, but I was determined that my future would be different. As a child, I started my education in a Government school and while it provided the basis of my knowledge, I felt something was missing from what I was learning.

This feeling of wanting more encouraged me to work harder and strive for success. With sheer dedication and determination, I made the decision to become an entrepreneur and take control of my own future. This marked a turning point in my journey as an ambitious young person who wanted to do great things despite his circumstances.

Today, after years of hard work and dedication, I am proud to say that through entrepreneurship I have been able to achieve success beyond what one could imagine coming from such humble beginnings. My story is one that truly proves that dreams can come true if you just believe!

Many entrepreneurs start businesses with the goal of earning money but for some, this is not their primary motivation. Take Joe Smith from Smalltown, USA for example. When he decided to build his business in 2015, it was never about making money; it was about achieving something better than he had before.

Keep reading: Mubashir Hassan – Founder of and

My Motivation:

As someone who is motivated to give back, I am proud to say that I am a hardworking and honest individual. My greatest strength is that I strive to be an outstanding role model for others, as well as to achieve success in business.

I believe that being hardworking, honest and having the drive to help those around me makes me successful in business. It also helps me build strong relationships with my colleagues and clients which are important aspects when it comes to running a successful organization.

My passion for giving back has made me realize how important it is to have a positive attitude towards life, so I always stay motivated by focusing on the positives rather than the negatives. With this motivation, I apply myself each day in order to achieve my goals and bring about positive change for the people around me and the world!

Mubashir Hassan – Founder of is a platform dedicated to helping people tell their stories. It provides people with the tools and resources needed to create powerful, meaningful stories that will captivate any audience. Whether it’s crafting a story for a presentation, writing an article or creating videos, offers support every step of the way. was created by passionate storytellers who understand how important storytelling is in today’s world, both professionally and personally. Their mission is to help people unlock their creativity and find success through storytelling – and it has been incredibly successful so far! offers creative tips, advice and tutorials that make it easy for anyone to become an effective storyteller with confidence. With

Mubashir Hassan – Founder of and

My Father:

My father is the person who has had the greatest influence on my life. His unwavering commitment to hard work and humbleness have made him a role model whose values I continue to live by. Growing up, he was an example of what it meant to be selfless, generous, and kind. He taught me that success wasn’t about what you had or how much money you earned; instead, it was about finding joy in doing things for others in order to make their lives better. Watching him work tirelessly for those he loved transcended into my life as I strive to help others with no expectation of something in return.

I am so grateful for his teachings and example that have shaped not just how I take on my own responsibilities but also how I am able to use my talents and resources to give back.

My Childhood:

“In my childhood, I don’t remember any of my toys that were intact because nearly all of them were taken apart by me just so I could see what was inside them. I enjoyed playing with the motors which drove these toy cars. My mother and my father would support me and bring me more such toys.”

As a child growing up in the village, I was always fascinated by computers and new technologies. From the moment I first laid eyes on a computer screen, I knew this was something I wanted to explore further. My parents recognized my enthusiasm and did all they could to help nurture my interest.

From attending coding workshops in the community centre around the corner to enrolling on online classes, my parents supported me every step of the way. It was during this time that computers became a true passion of mine; something which has stayed with me ever since. Even though it’s been many years now since I left my village, the memories of spending my childhood surrounded by such interesting technology still remain strong in my heart today!

My Job in Qatar:

I am excited to share that I had the amazing opportunity to work as a Social Media Marketing Specialist at Xpert Solutions Qatar from August 2022 to October 2022! This was an incredible experience, working for one of the top companies in Doha, Qatar.

During my time there, I learned a great deal about the latest best practices and techniques in social media marketing. As part of my day-to-day job roles, I was responsible for creating social media campaigns that were tailored to meet clients’ goals and objectives. Additionally, I worked closely with various teams across departments such as creative design and analytics. Through this process, I gained a holistic understanding of how each team works together in order to achieve success.

Overall, it was an enriching experience that allowed me to develop both professionally and personally. Now Mubashir Hassan – Founder of and

Next Life:

Growing up, I always dreamed of achieving something extraordinary in life. From a young age, I was determined to succeed and make an impact on the world. As a keen learner, I was constantly striving to learn more and develop new skills. Taking time to observe those around me inspired me to be better and work harder.

Throughout my journey, I have remained persistent in making my dreams come true. Through hard work and dedication, I have been able to take advantage of countless opportunities that have presented themselves along the way. Every step of the way has been filled with excitement as well as challenges but it has all been worth it in the end!

Today, I can proudly say that my ambition is being met and exceeded every day. My goal is not only to achieve the extraordinary but also to inspire others who may share similar dreams or ambitions to mine!

“You learn so much and feel like you want to share it with your followers and the journey of growing in this field has taught me so much and I am thoroughly grateful for everything.”

Of course my phone! I use it for my work and keeps me connected to the world. Nowadays, a mobile phone is so much more than just a simple communication device.”

“Success is subjective. It’s always defined by the society that makes up the rule, but to me, success is when one has time for themselves, friends and family and is capable of giving back to society.”

My dreams:

I follow my dreams and always work hard to achieve them. They are my guidelines for life and my sole motivation to fulfil my dreams!

“Failure to me is when you do not try hard enough to live your dreams. When you keep whining and complaining about hurdles, take a step and see how it goes to get there you have to give life to your fantastic ideas.”

Mubashir Hassan
Mubashir Hassan
Mubashir Hassan is a successful entrepreneur with a passion for digital marketing and business development. He has founded multiple ventures, including and

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