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Business Idea # 1

A company that connects people with local handymen, who can perform repairs for them for a percentage of the cost.

Business Idea # 2

A “personalized learning software” that helps students find their strengths, realize their passions and learn the skills they need to succeed.

Business Idea # 3

A digital tool that helps couples reduce household expenses, track spending and save money.

Business Idea # 4

A platform for people with rare diseases to find research partners, and for researchers to find potential partners.

Business Idea # 5

A restaurant review app that allows customers to leave feedback about their meal directly on the receipt for the wait staff to see.

Business Idea # 6

The startup is developing a new version of the Nest Protect smoke detector that’s specifically designed to be safe and helpful for people with kids.

Business Idea # 7

A company that offers a tool to help people make decisions about their money based on their values.

Business Idea # 8

A social network for people who want to find a second job. It’s for people who want to find a second job but don’t have the resources to do so themselves, and for people who have a job and are looking for a side hustle.

Business Idea # 9

A company that helps startups go through the paperwork of setting up a business in New York.

Business Idea # 10

An “Uber for all things”, would be a company that helps people find and book contractors who can install or fix their house.

Business Idea # 11

A platform that lets you create and share holograms. The startup aims to “let you share, collaborate and create in 3D”.

Business Idea # 12

This tool is designed to help content creators get their work out there, from uploading their videos to managing the perform


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